The existence of the baths in The Herculane resort dates back sience times out of mind. Human existence in these places is certified by numerous archaeological discoveries. The stones tools and weapons found during the diggings on the archaeological site „The Outlaws Grotto“, and in other places, as well as pottery relics reveal the fact that primitive civilisation in this part of our country.The Outlaws Grotto

The names included in the inscription belong to five remarkable citizens in Dacia, sent to Rome as reprezentatives of the province, take part in tehe ceremonye of appointing M. Sedatius Severianus as consul in 153 ad.

The unintrerupted use of the baths by the romans was first and foremost facilitated by the efficiency of thermal springs.

1718 marks the beginning of the modern spa ;  

1767, the Frontier Romanian Regiment is created and the local soldiers are the modern builders of the spa ;

The 2nd reconstruction of the spa begins after 1800 ;  

1847, the statue of Hercules is settled here (bronze, work of Romelmayer and Glants in Vienna) - Franz Josef pays a visit and declares: "here we have, on the Valley of Cerna, the most beautiful spa in the continent" ;

1872, 2nd scientific excursion of the Austrian doctors and naturalists ;

1884, 1887, 1890, 1892, 1896, visits of Franz Josef and his charming wife, Elisabeth who kindly writes her impressions on the spa ;

1918, the strong national movements in order to participate to the Romanian unity making (1st December 1918) ;

Gen. Nicolae Cena becomes the first Romanian manager of the spa and initiates the local museum (1922) ;  

1932, the Domogled natural reservation is organized here ;

1970, the modern part of the spa (Park Vicol) and town building.





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